Hi, here is some information about the Tacx Neo Ringnut Tools i make. I work as a toolmaker and I love cycling,

I sell all tools, Neo 1/2/ flux, TacxBike and the Neo2T tool for 34 Euro inclusive postage. If you are not sure which tool, just measure the outer diameter of your ringnut.

You can put the tool in a vise, the 19mm hexagon is 12mm deep but i prefer to work with a wrench and a hammer to loose the ringnut, watch the Tacx Neo 2t Service Video shown down on this site, same procedure for the Neo 1& 2.  All tools are tested and i guarantee a very good fit.

ALL bearing dimension for ALL Neo Models can be found here:


If you would like to order a tool just send me an email to : twotneo@gmail.com and i will send you the adress for my PayPal account. 

and this is how I replace the bearing on the Neo. There are al lot of nice tools out there and maybe you feel more comfortable with that,

This has always worked for me because there is no PRESS- fit on that body worth calling PRESSFIT. From my experience, the bearings are very easy to remove. For the longer and very accurate version, check Drews videos.

and here is a complete service of my Tacx Neo 2T inclusive bearing replacement. At home i have no vise and this method works just fine. Should not take more than 10 minutes.

another old project is a self made copy of the "tune spurtreu " , a tool to adjust the steering on your bycicle. I am selling those for 50 Euro inclusive postage. It is made for a 31.8mm handlebar but almost every dimension on this is easily to adjust after your needs.